Running and breathing

Running is believed one of the best forms of exercises, as it helps tone up your body and is a great way of losing weight. Most people, especially beginners find it difficult to breathe properly while running, which is why they are out of breath within a few minutes, after they begin. Running and breathing properly at the same time, are very important, so that you can derive the maximum benefits from the exercise. It is important to remember to breathe properly and control your breathing, while you run. In fact, this is the first piece of advice that trainers give professional athletes. Learning to do so is not difficult, nor does it require any special equipment or the expertise of a professional trainer. Given below, are a few tips that could help you control your breathing while you go running:

  • Inhale and exhale through your mouth, as it is the most effective way for taking in more air, as you run, in comparison with breathing through the nose. Moreover, breathing through your mouth would help your facial muscles to relax, therefore creating a better and more relaxed composure.
  • Allow your jaw to drop open a bit, in a way that your lips are slightly parted, in the "dead fish" expression.
  • Make sure that you take short and shallow breaths, that are naturally comfortable, not forced. Occasionally, it is alright to take a deep breath or so. However, breathing deeply should not be the norm for trying to maintain breath control, while you run.
  • Try to find out what your normal running and breathing pattern is, by counting your steps when you run. There are some runners, who breathe in for two steps and then breathe out for two, while others may take three steps, before they take the next breath. Once you know your pattern, maintain it and use your steps to monitor it.
  • Make use of your ears, to control how you breathe. If you hear yourself breathe heavily, slow down your pace a bit, as it may indicate that you are running too quickly.

People with breathing problems, like asthma, may find it difficult to take up running or any other strenuous form of exercise. In fact, you will often be discouraged from running if you are asthmatic, as people believe that running and asthma cannot go together. There are some secrets and tips to improve your running technique, even you have asthma. There may be some diet and lifestyle changes that may need to be adopted. However, anyone with a respiratory problem should consult a doctor as well as a fitness expert, before taking up running as an exercise.

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