August 10, 2011

Healthy Diet for Fatty Liver Disease

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Fat, when visible, is easy to take care of. If you notice your waist getting bigger or your legs and arms getting thicker, you can simply work out and get rid of the fat. However, your organs can have similar problems. A fatty liver, for instance, is a serious medical condition that can lead to severe damage to the liver. While some fat in the liver is normal, a fatty liver is one which has more than 10% fat by weight. In a lot of cases, this disease can cause serious complications and lead to liver failure.

A diet for fatty liver disease is extremely crucial to the effective treatment of this condition. If you are consuming more fat than what is recommended, it can eventually lead to fatty liver, so the first rule of planning a diet for fatty liver is to cut down on the amounts of fat that you consume. Healthy foods for liver disease can help in detoxifying the liver. Fatty liver is usually caused when the fats begin to get stored in the cells around the liver. The foods that you select for treatment of your fatty acid disease are usually very healthy for other diseases and disorders as well. Since good nutrition is ideal for the treatment of fatty liver disease, the foods that you consume for the treatment of this condition improves your overall health and well-being.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease diet should ideally be low in processed and refined foods. Try and avoid white breads, fats such as butter, concentrated sugars, drinks that contain syrups and added sugars, carbonated drinks, white rice and other starchy foods, foods with a high glycemic index, fried foods and other fast foods, foods with high cholesterol such as eggs, and foods that are high in salts and fats.

Some of the foods that you should include in your diet are whole grains and whole grain breads, cinnamon, skimmed milk instead of whole milk, unprocessed foods, beans, high protein foods such as white meats, fish and lean cuts, vegetables with high fiber content such as broccoli, and fruits that are low in sugars. When planning a diet for this condition, also remember that moderation is the key factor.

Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease symptoms often go unnoticed. However, if you experience problems due to this condition, your doctor would have to sit down with you and put together a treatment plan. The causes of fatty liver disease usually determine the treatments of this condition. The first step towards the treatment for fatty liver disease is to work out a diet that is healthy for you. Cutting down on fats and including fresh, healthy and fiber rich foods can help you get a meal that is healthy for you and helps you treat this condition.

If you are overweight, you would need to lose some weight. You can start off with some simple exercises. Both aerobic and cardiovascular exercises can help you reach your fitness goals faster. You can also supplement your diet and your exercise regimen with the help of yoga.

A recent study has shown that drinking a glass of wine a day can help treat nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. However, if the liver damage has been caused due to alcohol consumption, alcohol should be avoided altogether.

Apart from these remedies, the doctor will also offer you medical treatments in order to address the problems. A controlled diet would still remain the focus of your treatment, so you may need to consult with a dietician to help you plan daily meals. If you have other medical condition such as hypertension or diabetes, you will need to get those conditions treated as well.