September 17, 2009

Diet to Improve Immune System

Posted in Category : Foods that Heal

The body is in a constant struggle fighting off infection from dangerous and even fatal diseases. The white blood cells protect the body from bacteria and pathogens. They also help to neutralize toxins that damage healthy cells. At times, the body will even automatically create antibodies to help in its defense. The body needs all the help it can get in fighting off these viruses, and we need to make sure we provide it with the necessary help. Boosting our body’s immune system will help us live a healthier and fuller life.

One essential and effective way to boost immune system is to eat the right kind of food. No matter whether you follow home remedies or western medicine to cure your ailments, you will always see that a person’s diet is a universal denominator in any kind of rehabilitation or recuperation process. This is primarily to boost the immune system and help it fight the infection. The immune system requires a high source of phytonutrients to give it strength, and the consumption of green leafy vegetables satisfies this perfectly. The phytonutrients contained in the vegetables stimulate the release of enzymes which help rebuild and protect the cells, as well as rebuild any damaged ones. The phytonutrients are also known to help fight cancer. One must abstain from white, refined sugar, which is quite bad for the immune system, as it has the ability to literally stop the immune system from working.

The immune system also relies quite heavily on natural nutrients to produce white blood cells as and when needed. The over indulgence of junk food does not provide the body with an adequate supply of nutrients. Consuming foods that are rich in Omega 3 fat like walnuts, ground flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, herring, mackerel and salmon, are very beneficial for the rebuilding of the immune system. Omega 3 fats are anti-inflammatory and also help prevent auto immune disorders. Fruits like bananas, tomatoes, tangerines, mangoes, oranges, peaches and watermelon are also very helpful in building up ones immunity levels and are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Garlic is known to have antibiotic properties that will help further prevent diseases. It is recommended that you include at least one clove of garlic to your meals each day. Eating whole grain foods and cereal will help as well, as they contain more nutrients than highly processed food. Good bacteria found in yogurt help in increasing the production of antibodies and inhibit the absorption of pathogens like salmonella and coli.