I would like to seek a cleaning remedy for the immune system (smoking)

There is no remedy to cleanse and repair your system of the toxins and damage done by smoking. If you are really concerned about your immune system and your general health, and want to cleanse your system, you need to stop smoking. Tobacco smoking negatively affects practically every part and every system of the human body, not just the immune system. The cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the reproductive system, and the nervous system are all damaged by smoking. The risk of heart disease, bronchitis, cataract, impotence, and of course lung cancer, oral cancer, and a long list of other cancers are also greatly increased in smokers.

Smoking delivers a huge number of chemicals to your body, probably more than any drug cocktail could, and it is ironic that you seem to want a natural remedy to reverse this damage. People often want to treat their bodies any way they like and then hope that periodic quick fix solutions will repair the damage done so that they can get back to doing more damage. However no such solutions exist, and the only way to keep your body clean and healthy is to maintain it at all times, not just once every few months.

answered by M W

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