How to get rid of water retention and swelling in lower legs, fatigueness and heaviness in ankle joints. Also small red painful patches in calf muscles.

Water retention or edema in legs can be a symptom for many medical conditions. Consult a specialist to know the exact cause for the edema and red patches. Meanwhile you can try these home remedies -

  • Sodium in diet can cause water retention in the body. Consumption of sodium rich foods and salt intake in food should be minimized. Also read the food labels for sodium content before consuming any canned/bottled foods, processed foods, junk foods, pickles, ketchups, salted sausages/pork, smoked meat, salted popcorn/chips/nuts and ready to eat foods. Avoid the consumption of strong tea, coffee/caffeinated drinks, alcohol and smoking.
  • To help eliminate toxins from the body drink lots of water.
  • Make some mustard oil warm in a small container and rub it on the area with edema.
  • Boil 10-15g parsley in water and drink 3 times a day. Parsley is a natural diuretic plant. You can even incorporate it in form of salads or vegetables in your meals.
  • Keep your feet in elevated position, while sleeping rest your feet on a pillow or while sitting on a couch rest your feet on a small support beneath. This position will help to improve circulation and decrease edema in legs.
  • To avoid excess accumulation of fluids in the cells and keep your muscles toned, exercise regularly or be physically active.

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