August 31, 2010

Symptoms And Treatment For UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) In Children Using Home Remedies

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UTI stands for urinary tract infection. It is a condition that affects the urinary tract which is the tract that begins at the kidneys and ends at the point where urine is expelled from the body. A urinary tract infection usually occurs due to poor hygiene. It tends to affect girls more than boys. There are many factors that can cause a urinary tract infection. Urine does not contain any bacteria in it. It is, however, acidic in nature. When urine is expelled from the body, some residue may remain causing the skin to be affected by the acidic nature of the fluid. Opportunistic infections can enter through the urethra and infect the bladder. This causes the bladder to be inflamed and the tract wall to be inflamed. UTI in children symptoms include painful urination, burning during urination, continuous pain in the lower abdomen and urinary incontinence. UTI tends to affect children because they are less likely to be hygienic and they also may not drink enough water. When the urine is particularly concentrated, it can affect the lining of the urethra and bladder. The other issue with low water consumption is the fact that the urination frequency is low, allowing time for the infections to make their way up the urethra. Girls tend to be more affected by a urinary tract infection because of the shorter length of the urethra. This allows an infection easy access into the bladder where it can base itself and multiply.

There are a few natural remedies for UTI. One common natural UTI cure is to consume cranberry juice or green tea. These are natural remedies that help to flush the urethra of any infections.


UTI treatment in children also involves inculcating an improved sense of hygiene. When the child develops the problem, the parent can use the symptoms of the problem as an explanation about what goes wrong when proper hygiene is not followed. Regular changing of underwear and washing of the genital area is a very effective and simple way of avoiding the problem altogether. Children should be encouraged to wash their genital area each time they urinate. This habit can ensure an infection free life for them. A serious case of urinary tract infection may require a cystoscopy procedure followed by some medication but this is to be conducted only by a trained doctor after regular home remedies have been tried and have proven to be unsuccessful.