I have had ultra sound on my gall bladder. it said it was diseased. Hydro-scan said it was fine. Do I go get a second opinion?

The ultrasound and the hydroscan are two very different tests, each meant to detect different kinds of problems. An ultrasound scan is also known as a sonography, and uses ultrasound frequency waves to generate images of internal organs. Doctors can use these images to detect any abnormalities — in your case, whether the gall bladder is inflamed or has lesions or any other obvious problems that can be detected visually. The hydroscan was probably an HIDA scan, which is the abbreviation for a hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan. This scan is usually performed to determine whether the gall bladder is functioning normally. The patient is usually given a hormone that stimulates the gall bladder to begin working and a radioactive tracing solution which helps keep track of how the bladder is functioning.

Fortunately, your HIDA scan seems to have given a negative result. However, it is possible that the damage that was detected by the ultrasound scan is not affecting your gall bladder in any way that can be detected by the HIDA scan. This does not necessarily mean that your gall bladder is healthy. The reason why you have gone for these tests is probably that you have been experiencing symptoms such as pain and nausea. You haven't mentioned any precise details of the ultrasound, or whether your doctor recommended these scans and what he or she thinks of the results. If your doctor thinks that the results of the ultrasound warrant treatment, then it would make sense to follow his or her advice.

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