Home remedy for cyst on forehead

Cysts are permanent small lumps that can appear on the head, neck or back. These cysts occur due to blocked oil glands on the skin and are composed of white semi solid matter called sebum. There may be little amount of oozing from the cysts. In certain cysts, this secretion may be cheesy or foul smelling. Until the cysts are not inflamed or painful, then treatment is not required.

Certain remedies to treat cysts are:

  • Never fiddle with a cyst. Too much of manipulation or squeezing of the cyst can aggravate the situation.
  • In case the cyst is tender and if there is any material that is oozing out, then dab the cyst with a cloth that has been dipped in luke warm water. This can bring relief from inflammation.
  • Anti bacterial soaps can be used while taking bath.
  • If the cysts become red and tender with constant oozing out, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist.

answered by J M

A cyst is a sac like growth that occurs in the deeper layers of the skin. More specifically, dermoid cysts can appear anywhere on the body, but occur most often on the face. They are made up of dead skin cells, hair follicles, and a build up of sebum. The cysts can vary in size from 0.5 to 6 cm. Although a lot of cysts that are small in size do not require treatment, if the cyst is relatively large it may require medical attention, including surgery as a last resort.

The following home remedies are rather effective in treating and healing a cyst. The most effect way to get rid of a cyst is to get the head to pop. Therefore, boil a tea bag and when it cools down just a little bit, squeeze some of the liquid out. Place it over the cyst and place a heating pad over the tea bag. After about an hour the cyst will pop. Another remedy is to slice a piece of potato, but leave the skin on. Apply the slice on top of the cyst and cover it with a band-aid. This should be done at night - by morning the moisture in the potato will have drawn out the head of the cyst and you will be able to pop it.

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