March 10, 2008

Therapies For Alcoholic Patients

Posted in Category : Men's Health

Other than the health related problems associated with alcoholism that requires physical and medical treatment, alcoholism itself is considered a psychological, mental or psychiatric disorder. In this case, medical treatment may not really be necessary as compared to those that are considered health related. When alcoholism has not yet affected the internal system of a person, alternative therapy for alcoholism treatment may be the treatment required.

There are different alternative therapies for alcoholism treatment. These are health and wellness program, psychedelic enhancement therapy and other complementary therapies. These types of therapies are good alternatives for alcoholism treatment because they are proven to be effective clinically.

The health and wellness program is a very good alternative therapy for alcoholism treatment. This program consists of hydration, physical exercises, proper nutrition, journaling and meditation and rational recovery. In this program, the alcoholic person is lectured about the harmful effects of drinking too much alcohol, the benefits quitting will give him and about the wellness of a person’s individuality and health when totally freed from alcohol. The person is given some programs to follow such as water therapy or hydration which lasts for a certain period of time depending on what the doctor advises the patient to do. It is proven effective in eliminating the toxins carried by the alcohol in the body. When the alcohol toxins were totally flushed out from the body, programs for nutrition and exercises should be followed. While the above are being done, the patient should also keep a journal about his experiences while having the program. He may put all the bad and negative feelings he has, the changes he feels and will be asked to compare the day to day experiences. This helps in meditation and reflection.

Psychedelic enhancement therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on internal reflection of a person. The main goal of this program is to totally free the person from the thought of drinking alcohol physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Complementary therapies involve counseling, psychological treatment against depression, anxiety, tension and stress withdrawing from alcohol brings. Accordingly, these are the greatest barrier for any kind of alcoholism treatment. When a person starts to feel stressed and anxious about not drinking alcohol, he tends to go back. Complete understanding of the treatment will help the person combat the barriers of his alcoholism treatment.

Above all, the best and most important alternative therapy for alcoholism treatment is the continuous support of family members, loved ones and friends. Encourage, motivate and support the patient. Be on his side all the way and this will help him overcome his disease.