March 10, 2008

The Difference Between Alcoholism and Drinking

Posted in Category : Men's Health

Everything taken and done excessively is bad and harmful whether it is for activities, food, recreation and alcohol. Drinking alcohol, if moderately done poses a good effect on the body. Alcohol is known to decrease the risks for heart diseases. However, when alcohol intake becomes too much, the effects are devastating the danger it brings to the body is unquestionable. That is why for people who drink alcohol, it is very important to know the difference between alcoholism and drinking.

Drinking alcohol has been common to man since time immemorial. Alcohol has been a part of every occasion, event and relaxation to some. This is not bad as alcohol; most especially wines have ingredients that are proven to help protect heart from the risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases. To women, drinking alcohol occasionally helps in cleaning the blood as it increases the amount of dirty blood being secreted during menstruation period. However, there is a very thin line that lies between alcoholism and drinking. When drinking alcohol exceeds the moderate level, the person is on his way to alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a term associated with many health problems and the negative social consequences. Medical science considers alcoholism as a disease that is characterized by persistent and excessive intake of alcohol. It is considered as a mental problem that is very much connected to addiction. Accordingly, alcoholic people started being addicted to alcohol when at certain point of time, experienced anxiety, stress and insecurity and they tend to take alcohol to temporarily forget their undesirable feelings. In the initial stage of alcoholism, a person tends to deny the fact the he is already alcoholic. That is the reason why alcoholism and drinking are often treated similarly most especially by the people involved.

There are many differences between alcoholism and drinking. People who drink alcohol moderately do not experience craving unlike those who are alcoholic. They could not stand a day without drinking alcohol because they have the urge to drink everyday. A moderate drinker knows his tolerance for alcohol. When he starts to feel tipsy and drunk, they stop. Alcoholic people however lose the sense of control. An alcoholic person often has a terrible hangover after drinking too much alcohol. They experience stomach ache, over sweating and nervousness. A person who drinks too much and has a problem with alcoholism no longer cares about other activities and always feel the need for drinking.

If you don’t have problem with alcoholism but drink alcohol occasionally, it is very important that you understand what difference alcoholism and drinking have. Knowing your level and the symptoms alcoholism has will help you control your drinking habits.