Does menstrual disorder has anything to do with pimples or sickness that happens to someone a long time ago?

Pimples certainly have nothing to do with menstrual disorders; acne is a relatively minor skin condition and is not known to result in any complications. The word "sickness" however can be used to refer to a large number of illnesses ranging from minor colds, coughs, and fevers, to serious diseases like pneumonia, meningitis, or even cancer. Your question is therefore extremely vague - exactly what sickness are you referring to? Without knowing this it is impossible to say whether your sickness could be behind the menstrual disorder that you are now experiencing.

In addition, "menstrual disorder" is also a very broad term, used to describe any irregularity in the menstrual cycle. The term includes irregular or unusually long or short intervals between menstrual periods, irregular or unusually long or short duration of the menstrual periods themselves, excessive bleeding, or abnormally little bleeding. It also includes excessive pain during menstruation.

Some of these problems could be related to an illness suffered earlier in life, but without any details of either the illness or your menstrual disorder, it is impossibly to say how likely this is. In any case, what is more important is addressing your current problem. I advise you to consult a doctor regarding the disorder; he or she will be able to suggest some treatment and also explore your condition and history thoroughly in order to determine if your previous illness is affecting you today.

answered by G R

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