March 26, 2010

Acupressure for Eyes

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Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure is one of those forms of medicine that is considered to be part of alternative medicine. Under this categorization come ancient oriental practices of medicine like Ayurveda and Ancient Chinese Medicine. Acupressure forms part of the disciplines of Ancient Chinese Medicine. This is fundamentally problematic for modern medicine because Ancient Chinese Medicine uses postulates and assumptions about the human body that have no parallel to modern medicine and even the human anatomy. At the center of this is the system of the flow of Chi and other energies. The practitioners of Chinese Medicine have mapped out a series of flows of energies and the beneficial effect of manipulating these flows. This system of the flow of energy has no parallel in human anatomy as seen by the systems of modern medicine. These flows do not map to the vascular or lymphatic systems, which are the main circulatory systems in the body. Nor do they map to endocrinal channels. Therefore, to explain a lot of tenets of Chinese medicine in terms of modern medicine or our understanding of the human body is fundamentally impossible.


Accupressure Therapy, however, does offer some benefits like relaxation and the placebo effect cannot be underestimated. Fertility treatments using acupressure are quite popular and therefore there is a great part of the mind willing the body to perform. Care must be practiced especially in sensitive organs like the eyes. The eyes can face any number of problems from a simple infection like the pink-eye all the way to something as complicated as retinal detachment. Eye infections are not really a great cause for concern as these resolve themselves with drug treatments and proper care. Complications like retinal detachment can only be treated with the use of pressure and surgery. This pressure is not the same as acupressure, which would dictate that perhaps massaging the webbing between the fingers will aid in reconnecting the retina.

Massage for Eyes

All said, a massage for the eyes is something that most people end up doing when they are fatigued and have been experiencing a lot of eye strain. This works because of the feeling of refreshment from an increased circulation to the eyes. However, there is no reason to believe that this is really necessary. When massaging the eyes, care must be taken not to place too much pressure. Ideally, one should avoid pressure that causes the buildup of bright lights. Using a hot towel over the face is equally effective.