Reasons and remedies for watery eyes while watching television or working on laptop

It is very unlikely that the two problems you have mentioned are related. The watering of your eyes is probably just a result of eyestrain, and this will certainly not cause you to develop dark circles. Other problems could also cause eyes to water, but it is unlikely that these problems could be related to the dark circles either.

Dark circles under the eyes are commonly thought to be a sign of fatigue and lack of sleep. However, the fact is that in most cases, dark circles are the result of nasal congestion. Being sleep deprived can cause, or more likely aggravate, nasal congestion, but it is not the cause of the dark circles themselves. If you have allergies that are causing nasal congestion, you will probably have dark circles no matter how much you sleep. What happens is that the congestion causes the blood vessels around the nasal area to dilate. Since the skin under the eyes is naturally very thin and delicate, this makes the blood vessels somewhat visible through the skin, giving the skin a dark hue. Home remedies such as the placing of cucumber slices or cold, used tea bags on the eyes do work, but only temporarily. These remedies will constrict the blood vessels for a while, but the effect will not last for more than an hour. The only permanent solution is to identify the substance or substances that you are allergic to, and avoid all contact with them. If you are unable to do this on your own, you can visit an allergy specialist, who will perform a test to identify your allergens. In case avoidance is not a viable option for any reason, you can also be treated to gradually overcome your allergy.

Since your eyes water only when you watch television or work on your laptop, this seems to be a simple case of eyestrain. You probably spend hours at a time working on your laptop, and in addition, your probably spend at least another hour watching TV. Staring at these screens for so many hours a day is bound to strain your eyes. You should try to cut down the amount of time you spend with the laptop and the TV if possible, and when you are working, ensure that you take a break at least every half hour. Get up, walk around, go to the window, and look at something in the distance. You can also cup your eyes with your palms for a minute or two. If the watering does not decrease within a week, you should visit an ophthalmologist.

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