What to do for very dry skin around my face?

Dry skin is a condition that affects most of us, especially during the winter months. The cold weather means that we spend all our time sitting in the comfort of our heated homes. The heater robs our skin of moisture and it becomes dry and flaky. One of the easiest thing to do would be to turn off the heater but that is not possible. If your dry skin is accompanied by itching or any kind of rashes or pain, then a visit to the doctor is necessary.

Most of us react to dry skin by slathering on great quantities of moisturizers. You can hydrate your skin by drinking water. Keeping your body immersed in water is a far more effective remedy. You can do this by soaking in lukewarm water. Avoid using water that is to hot. You can use oatmeal powder to soften your skin. Simply add a couple of handfuls of this to your bath water and soak in it. If you tie some of this oatmeal powder in a handkerchief and then use it to scrub your skin, your skin will look softer and glow.

Most soaps contain harsh chemicals and this only adds to your skin's woes. Look for gentler soaps and buy those.

answered by M W

Treatment for Dry skin-

  1. Apply a p made from fresh cream and black raisins mixed consistently. Keep it on face for 2-3 hours, and then wash with warm water.
  2. Massage face with olive oil daily once.
  3. Consume lots of green leafy vegetables, about 100 gms daily.

answered by D M K

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