How to treat scalp acne

Acne is a problem that occurs when blackhead are formed on your skin. Blackheads are created when oil and dead cells are caught in a pore. They often get inflamed and are painful. What is more, they spread when you touch them. First of all you should avoid constantly touching the acne on your scalp. You can also treat the acne on your scalp with a few simple home remedies.

A really easy remedy involves grating nutmeg. Add some raw milk while grating it. Use this to apply on your acne. Cinnamon powder and honey too have properties that help you get rid of your acne. Simply make a paste by mixing these two and apply on your acne. Do this just before you go to bed and leave this on your scalp. You can wash it off the next morning. Mix equal quantities of cinnamon powder and lemon juice. You can apply this on your acne. However if you have sensitive skin on your scalp, then you should skip this home remedy. Another effective and easy remedy is peeling a couple of garlic pods and applying the garlic on the affected area. Repeated application of garlic will cure the acne. A paste made of orange peel is beneficial in getting rid of the acne. Grind some orange peel to a coarse consistency, using a little water. Apply this on the scalp and wash off in a little while.

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