What causes under active adrenal glands or the loss of the ability to sweat? What are the consequences of this problem?

adrenal glands disorder advice

Adrenal glands secrete three types of hormones. These hormones control a variety of impulses and functions in your body. These hormones help to keep a check on the levels of blood sugar, they maintain a balance of water and salt in your body, control your responses to stress and control the sexual maturity of a body.

When these glands do not perform their duties properly, they are known as under active adrenal glands. There are a variety of reasons for the glands to underperform; sometimes it is because of the influence of other glands while in other cases the problems lies with the adrenal gland. Although four in hundred people suffer from under active adrenal glands, the cause for this condition is unknown. In some patients cancer or infections of other kinds destroy the adrenal glands. If you have been using corticosteroids as part of the treatment for some other condition, then this could affect the adrenal glands. The treatment for some fungal infections results in blocking the production of hormones in the adrenal glands. People whose adrenal glands are affected are unable to produce concentrated urine. This lead to excessive urination which could ultimately result in dehydration. This can also leave the patient open to infection since the body is unable to fight infections. People suffering from this disorder complain of dehydration, fuzziness, fatigue and a rapid pulse. Loss of body fluids and dehydration could be the reason for your inability to sweat. However, you should consult a doctor who can help you with your symptoms.

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