What is Adrenal fatigue? What type of diet should I take for adrenal fatigue?

In simple terms adrenal fatigue is a condition in which the adrenal glands of the body are unable to manufacture a sufficient amount of hormones, of which the hormone cortisol (the hormone responsible for handling stress) is of importance. The condition though not rare is largely unrecognized by medical professional and the common man as well. However increased awareness has led to the development of a number of supplements and treatment for the adrenal fatigue syndrome. More often than not when people seek treatment, there is a tendency to associate the disorder as not being caused due to a drop in the levels of hormone production but rather a mental problem of the patient and hence it is advisable to research and choose a doctor well before embarking on a course of treatment and spending resources on unnecessary supplements or medication. There is also confusion between distinguishing a case of chronic fatigue syndrome from a case of adrenal fatigue as the symptoms causes are very similar. Therefore there is a very important need to get a proper diagnosis. People who suffer this disorder have the symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, and also have trouble waking up and getting out of bed in the morning. There is also a loss of weight or gaining of weight, a low libido and a problem with the effective handling of stress.

Normally the disorder of adrenal fatigue can be treated more with preventive measures than medication. This can be followed out by making changes in one's lifestyle and diet. Therefore the key is to live a healthier life, avoid getting stressed out too much, make sure to eat a diet that is healthy and contains all the nutrients needed to replenish the body. Based on this the adrenal glands can possibly repair themselves and return to their normal level of functioning. Follow this over an extended period of time for effective results.

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