Sleep Problems - Depression During Pregnancy

by Sharon Hopkins

Pregnancy can be a lovely and unique experience, but it often brings with it a number of health considerations and ailments. Women who become pregnant may be susceptible to a number of problems and often, a large part of home care during pregnancy becomes a matter of dealing with the changes as well as the physical problems. It is not uncommon to hear of women talk about sleep problems, such as insomnia over the course of the pregnancy. There could also be a matter of depression, which might be more noticeable in pregnant women who have been previously prone to slight depression or unhappy spells. Often, women who have never complained of depression prior to the pregnancy may experience this. In some cases, sheer exhaustion may lead to a terrible sleep cycle where the pregnant woman is left feeling tired all through the day. Short naps during the day can help to a certain extent, when fighting the tiredness caused by pregnancy. Aromatherapy for sleep problems might be able to help, such as lavender drops for a calming effect. A proper routine is a must, but there should be flexibility to allow for naps when the need for sleep strikes during the day. There should be a balance such that naps in the daytime do not interfere with a regular bedtime in the night.

When it comes to the pregnancy issue of depression, many factors could act as triggers. For instance, the pregnant woman could come to feel that her partner no longer cares for her as he used to. She may be unwilling to come to terms with her changing body shape as the pregnancy progresses or she may feel depressed over a possible inability to care for her unborn child. Depression over the course of pregnancy could also take the form of unknown fears or abstract depression. The fluctuating hormone levels are mostly to blame for a pregnant womans mood swings and depression. Dealing with the same would amount to dealing with depression via support as well as better care, such as paying attention to her nutritional requirements. The woman would need reassurance and support and would also need to have someone to care for her more routine needs. For instance, a healthier diet can do a lot for an unbalanced state of mind and the combination of healthier eating and exercise can help stave off depression in some cases. Counseling and a health checkup to see whether the depression may be attributable to physical causes should be in order.

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