Home remedies for sweaty feet

Home remedies for sweaty feet -

  1. Sweaty feet give birth to foot odor. Your foot can also develop fungus due to moisture.
  2. When you take bath, scrub and clean your foot, especially between your toes. When you come from outside or if you get time during the day, repeat the same procedure.
  3. After cleaning, pat them dry and dust your foot with powder.
  4. Do not cover it or wet it more then necessary.
  5. Do not wear socks in the night or when not needed.
  6. Keep a spare piece of cloth with you and wipe your foot from time to time.
  7. Wear ventilated socks and shoes or sandals whenever possible.
  8. Carry an extra pair of socks to your workplace and change in them after a few hours.
  9. Buy several pairs of socks and a couple of extra shoes. Keep your shoes aired, wash them or clean them with a wet cloth and disinfect them regularly.
  10. Dispose of the insoles after a fortnight and throw away fetid pair of shoes.
  11. Soak your foot in hot water for 15 minutes everyday before going off to sleep.
  12. Make a solution by boiling 5 tea bags in a medium container of water for five minutes. Let the solution cool, and then soak your foot in it for about 20 minutes.

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