I have been living with toe corns on my feet for twelve years now. I have tried the corn cap from chemists, but they didn't help. The corns are hard & have grown big. I can

Why are you in a sudden hurry to get rid of the corns, if you have had them for twelve years? Please do not try to do anything in a hurry, as you will most probably end up causing some sort of damage to your skin or your toes. Since the corns have lasted for such a long time, they are probably not going to go away in a hurry.

First of all, you need to identify the cause of the corns. Corns are always the result of excessive friction, so you should first of all take a close look at your footwear. Perhaps you tend to wear shoes that are too tight or do not fit your feet very well. It is possible that you simply have unusually shaped feet, due to which the overall fit of most ready made shoes may be fine, but they may be too tight at the toes. There may also be a slight problem with your gait, due to which you tend to put too much pressure on your toes, resulting in a lot of friction. On the other hand, your shoes could even be too tight - this will result in them moving around as you walk, which will also lead to friction and corns. Since this problem has persisted for twelve years, it will probably be difficult for you to identify the causes on your own, so you may need to take the help of a doctor, or at least a close friend. However, till you address the underlying cause of the corns, no treatment will really be effective, as the friction will continue to occur, and the corns will continue to be formed.

To treat the corns, you can use any over the counter acid based medication. However, over the counter treatments may be too mild for your case, even if you eliminate the cause of the corns. Prescription medication for corns is usually a little stronger, but at the same time, it can do a lot of damage, so do not use such treatment unless your doctor specifically prescribes it for you. In addition, it will probably help if you use some kind of padding in your footwear to reduce friction. Do not make your own padding, as this could cause problems of its own - instead, pads are available specifically for the purpose of preventing friction and corns, and you should use these pads.

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