How to get rid of athlete's foot naturally?

First try some athletes home remedies on our site. A new remedy is also suggested here:

Sesame Seed Oil is naturally antibacterial anti-fungal for common skin pathogens, such as staphylococcus and streptococcus as well as common skin fungi, such as athlete's foot fungus. It is naturally antiviral. It is a natural anti inflammatory agent.

Take sesame oil about 50 ml and add borax powder 20 grams into it, making a toothpaste consistency paste. apply this paste to the sites of infection twice or thrice a day. IN case borax powder is not available, you may use sea salt also.

answered by S B

Athletes Foot is caused by a fungus so you want to choose a safe anti-fungal to apply to your foot.

Make a strong tea of 4 ounces oregano in enough water to cover your ankles. Soak your feet 3 times daily in this concoction. You can keep the tea for at least a week.

Good luck!

Dr. Coleen Murphy, ND

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answered by Dr C M N

  1. Stop eating wheat.
  2. Reduce sweet things in your diet - use stevia instead of sugar.
  3. Clean between your toes with metholated spirits twice a day.
  4. Clean your sandals thoroughly daily.
  5. Clean your shower base daily thoroughly.
  6. Use clean towels and socks if worn, daily.
  7. Use a non residual body wash instead of soap.
  8. Use a chemical free shampoo and conditioner - your shampoo if used in the shower also stays on your feet!

answered by J R M

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