Natural treatment for artery cleanser

Blood supplies the various nutrients and oxygen to all the body parts. There are pre-existing mechanisms by which blood is purified. Blood health is revealed by halitosis, sexual dysfunction, spots on gums, improper motor coordination and severe cough. Cherries are effective bowel promoters and blood purifiers. Garlic is a wonder herb which regulates the blood sugar and cholesterol levels and also aids in purification of blood. A decoction of chapparal is also an effective remedy. Dandelion, cayenne pepper and red clover are herbs that help in blood purification. Brewed lemon proves beneficial against toxins in the blood. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables with adequate amount of water regulates the blood circulation and helps in detoxification process. Blueberries are effective against constipation acne, eczema and psoriasis. They are effective blood purifiers. A bright red colored bed indicates healthy blood. A dark bluish color represents unhealthy blood. Budrock root helps in enhancing immunity. Licorice aids in blood cleansing through improved gastro intestinal health. American ginseng is effective and provides the required the stamina and psychological balance, during the process of blood purifying.

answered by Dr C

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