March 5, 2010

Treatment For Arteriosclerosis (Atherosclerosis) Diabetes

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Arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis is a condition where the walls of the artery become thicker or hard. This is a process where certain substances get deposited over a period of time in the inner walls or lining of the artery. The deposits include fats like cholesterol, calcium or other cellular wastes. The deposits are also called plaque and can occur in arteries of sizes ranging from large and medium. These deposits that can also include fibrin (a natural clotting agent) can block the blood flow in the artery and can lead to several serious conditions. Diabetes is one of many factors that cause atherosclerosis. Diabetes is a condition caused by an excess of glucose levels (blood sugar) in the body. The excess glucose causes the walls of the artery to become thicker and decreases their elasticity, thereby making it difficult for blood to flow through. Other conditions that cause atherosclerosis are high blood pressure, obesity, excessive consumption of tobacco, excessive intake of fatty foods and aging.

Symptoms & Treatment

Atherosclerosis symptoms don’t manifest until arteries are severely clogged and blood flow in the region reduces or stops entirely. When this occurs, a reduction in the oxygen supply to the particular part of the body causes severe pain. Sometimes, blood clots may form above the plaque deposits in the artery and cause a cardiac arrest (if the coronary artery is affected) or even a stroke. You should get proper medical attention and closely monitor your health if you suffer from atherosclerosis caused by diabetes. You can care for this condition at home by maintaining a strict dietary regiment that regulates your intake of cholesterol. Avoid eating fatty foods like dairy products, poultry and meat. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and maintain your weight through regular exercise. Fruits like apples are rich in pectin and this helps reduce the absorption of fat from food consumed. Eating a papaya everyday on an empty stomach is an effective cure for clogged arteries. Raw carrots also greatly help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Eat raw carrots daily or drink a glass of carrot juice to supply your body with Vitamin A and help reduce cholesterol. Eating spinach everyday is also an effective method of controlling cholesterol.

Garlic is one of the most effective remedies in the treatment of atherosclerosis. Garlic helps reduce cholesterol levels and flushes harmful toxins and other waste from your body. You can increase your dietary intake of garlic or drink a mixture of garlic, orange juice and water to help control atherosclerosis. Honey is also an effective remedy for blocked arteries. Drink a mix of one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice every morning to reduce cholesterol levels.