What natural cures are good for sore eyes?

Sore eyes, also often referred to as conjunctivitis or the pink eye, is a very common eye infection that has been known to affect men, women and children of all ages. This is a highly contagious condition, which mainly occurs in the transparent membrane or the conjunctiva, of the eyelids as well as some part of the eyeball. In case you do get infected by this ailment, the blood vessels in your eyes will take on a dark red color, which in turn will cause your eyes to appear pinkish in color. In addition to that your eyes will feel dry, itchy and very sore. Fortunately, even though you are suffering from itchy sore eyes and the color of your eyes changes, it is not very likely that your vision will be affected in any way. However, once you do get infected by sore red eyes, you need to be very careful that you do not pass the infection on to others, as it is very contagious. One of the most common sore eyes causes is personal contact with an individual who has been infected. However, there could be several other factors too, that could lead to dry sore eyes in a person.


It is quite easy for organisms infecting the sore eye muscles and tissues in one person, to get transmitted to another. Even the briefest contact with an infected person or the objects that have been touched by someone who has sore eyes could cause germs to spread. However, there are other factors too, that could cause the muscles in the eyes to feel sore, thereby leading to conjunctivitis. Given below are some of the most common sore eye muscles causes:

  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • Allergies affects the eyes
  • Tear ducts in the eyes that are blocked
  • Using a splash that is high in chemicals, on the eye area
  • Presence of a virus or bacteria

Sore eyes symptoms are also very common in babies and infants, who are as prone to this condition, as adults are, if not more. It has been seen that in adults, sore red eyes symptoms are generally a result of a bacterial infection, whereas in babies, it could be the other causes.

Symptoms and Prevention

There are several signs and symptoms that can help you identify the presence of sore eyes in a person. Given below are some of the most common sore eyes symptoms:

  • A pinkish or even reddish tint is present in one eye, or both eyes
  • One or both the eyes may feel very itchy and there may be a gritty feeling present
  • Excessive tearing in the eye, for no apparent reason
  • Discharge from one or both eyes, which could lead to crusting of the dry sore eyes in the morning

It is also common for people to suffer from headache and burning eyes during this time. Though rare, another problem that could be experienced with sore eye muscles is flu. In spite of the fact that the flu, headache and sore eyes symptoms could lead to a lot of discomfort and unease, conjunctivitis is rarely a serious condition. Moreover sore eyes treatment is quite easy, though it may vary on the causes and the severity of the condition. In fact, since the condition usually runs its course within a week or so, there are many people who prefer to let the eyes heal on their own, without undergoing any form of treatment. However, health care providers usually advise people to seek medical help, for those people who are suffering from sore eye muscles headaches, itchiness, grittiness, discharge, crusting and so on.

Nevertheless it is best to prevent the onset of sore eyes, by avoiding any contact with an infected person and following a good eye care routine, in case someone in the same house is already affected.


There are several ways in which doctors may decide to cure the condition, as sore eyes causes and treatment are closely related. In case of a bacterial infection, doctors may prescribe antibiotics, in the form of oral medication or even eye drops that need to be used at regular intervals. Since eye drops are not easily administered to children, sore eyes remedy for infants and children usually includes ointments. If the condition is a result of an allergic reaction, again eye drops may be recommended, which can reduce the inflammation and treat the allergy. Sore eyes caused by a virus cannot be treated, but there are many ways in which the painful and uncomfortable symptoms can be alleviated.

Home remedies that can help relieve the pain and the discomfort caused by this condition are usually regarded as a sight for sore eyes by many people. Even though your eyesight does not get affected, because of the itchiness, watering or dryness and the irritation in the eye, you may find it difficult to even keep your eyes open. However, since the eyes are very sensitive, it is important to ensure that all the home remedies you use have been approved by a medical health care provider. Most health experts advise people to use a clean warm compress on the eyes for a few minutes at a time, as it has a very soothing effect. A cooling eye pack, made from chilled and cleaned cucumber slices may also be very beneficial. Some people apply pieces of cotton that have been dipped in rose water over their eyes for a few minutes too. However, care should be taken to ensure that nothing enters the eye, or the discomfort caused could be severe. People who use artificial tears, lenses or any type of eye solution should refrain from doing so, till the condition has healed completely. The use of eye makeup should also be strictly avoided, as it could cause the inflammation and the irritation to worsen.

There are many other home remedies for sore eyes that are easily available through online resources. However, it is best to consult a doctor and get an approval before using any of them.

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Natural Cures for Sore Eyes:

  • Wash your eyes with warm milk or water.
  • An old traditional remedy for this is to apply a poultice made of raw grated apples.
  • Put some salt in boiled, cooled water. Dip some cotton balls. Close your eyes and place the salted cotton balls on top of your infected eye. Remain in this position for about 5 minutes.
  • Cucumber juice or witch hazel are also used today.
  • Infusion of a plantain can be used as an eyewash.
  • Application of grated potato with a teaspoon of oil is effective.
  • Cotton balls dipped in rosewater can be placed over the eyes.

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