My child is a 11 year old boy and has sore eyes since 7 days. We used cold water fermentation and warm water fermentation with rose water but upper eyelid swelling not gone yet and the whole family has sore eyes.

Sore eyes or conjunctivitis is a common condition that affects children as also adults all over the world. This condition is also commonly called as pink eye. Since you have already diagnosed the condition in your son to be sore eyes it is necessary that you have the condition treated medically. This is also necessary since the duration of the condition is longer than usual and the swelling has not reduced.

There are many commercially available eye drops that can be used to treat the condition and it is best to get the recommendation of the doctor for this. Besides this there are also certain other remedies you could try at home to soothe sore eyes.

  • Firstly it is important that you always keep your eyes covered with the help of sunglasses.
  • Avoid exposure to sun and heat as this will irritate the eye and cause the infection to spread and therefore worse over a period of time.
  • Avoid touching your eye as this can spread the infection to the others also.
  • Using rose water to wash the eye is very useful. This is available at various stores. Also avoid using hot water and use only cold or room temperature water to wash the eyes.
  • You could also place some cut cucumber slices on the eyes to easy the swelling and also the irritation that you experience.
  • You could also use cold packs on the eyes to help in the treatment of the condition.

It is important to keep in mind that red, swollen eyes are not only caused by sore eyes but also by other factors such as allergies, sty in the eyes, some impact or trauma to the eyes and so on. It is therefore necessary to always check with your family doctor.

answered by M W

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