I have small, unseen bumps under the skin on my palm and the bottom of my foot.

I am not sure how old you are but tiny bumps of thick skin on palms and soles could appear in the early years of adulthood or during late childhood. This condition is called Punctuate Keratoderma.

Punctuate Keratoderma can be of 3 different types:

They are either tiny hard round bumps or tiny hard spikes of skin on palms and soles or sometimes even elsewhere on the skin or these could be marginal growing along the border of palms, fingers, soles and toes.

This is mostly an inherited abnormal gene passed from an affected parent. In some, there may be no apparent family history. Even though the thick skin could interfere with activity, there is no effect on general health of the person.

I suggest that you talk to a dermatologist for proper medical guidance of your condition and possible treatment for the same.

answered by P P

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