I have small white hardening under the skin. Few are on my palm and on the bottom of my foot. It can't be seen but can feel them. what are they?

Hardened skin on the underside of the foot is usually an accumulation of dead skin. This skin often forms a callus. The reason a callus forms is because the skin gets pinched in these areas and excess pressure is exerted on it while walking. Callus, and sometimes even called a corn, this area remains hard even if you try to remove the skin.

Occasionally you might notice that this callus has a center or a central core. You might also feel pain if pressure is applied to this nub. This condition is called a soft corn. These hard skin nubs can also appear on your hand, at the base of your fingers. Here too they can appear if too much pressure is applied and the skin is getting pinched.

Sometimes, some activities or some category of people are more prone to such corns.

  • People who stand for large parts of the day
  • People who wear incorrect footwear
  • People who have flat feet, which put additional pressure on different points of the sole
  • People with highly arched feet which also puts additional pressure
  • People who already have foot problems like bunions or arthritis
If you are uncomfortable with the corn or the callus, try proper treatment for its removal. Don't just take a sharp object and cut away the dead skin. Often this does not help and the dead skin reappears again after some time. Alternatively, you could injure yourself very seriously if you try cutting a corn. People who have chronic conditions like diabetes should definitely not try to cut the corn or pluck the skin away.

There are commercially available corn caps which are like bandages. These caps also do not necessarily work. You stand a big change of losing healthy skin with the dead skin. You could try some home remedies and basic foot care to keep the skin soft and health.

  • For a few nights in a row, or for as many as it takes, soak your feet in some warm water, dry them completely and generously apply cream or even petroleum  jelly. Then, wear socks for the entire night. After a few nights, the skin will slowly feel less hard.
  • Invest in good footwear. Avoid shoes that pinch or cut your toes or any part of your foot. Your feet should be comfortable and slide in and out easily.
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answered by G R

White hardening -

This white hardening under the skin on palm and bottom of foot may be callosities or corns. These are hyperkeratic skin formations.

It could also be scleroderma if the hardened skin appears like a bruise at first then becomes brown then white. Its occurrence is rare but possible. No genetic link is established.

It may be systemic scleroderma in some and localized is more common.

answered by D M K

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