Home remedies for nail strengthening & preventing nail splitting

One of the principles of naturopathic medicine is to "treat the cause." Some possible causes of nail splitting is poor mineral absorption due to decreased stomach acid or dietary insufficiencies. So, you can increase your stomach acid production by drinking a little apple cider vinegar in some water shortly before meals. This will tend to stimulate stomach acid production. Ensure your diet includes a lot of mineral-rich dark leafy green vegetables. Also, another cause of nail splitting can be an endodrine imbalance resulting from thyroid insufficiency. So, you may want to have your thyroid hormones checked by your health care practitioner.

answered by Dr K B N

One of the best ways to strengthen your nails is by eating Jello or taking gelatin capsules. You can scrub your nails with toothpaste, this will help remove stains and shines them up. Take the juice of one lemon, add an equal amount of water and use as a soak for your nails for 5 minutes. This acts as an astringent and also helps remove stains. Also to strengthen nails soak them in warm olive oil for 5 minutes.

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