I'm a serious nail biter when ever im bored i bite my nails any one got a remedy or a way for me 2 stop bitting my nails?

An excellent remedy to stop nail biting is to coat your fingers with bitter gourd juice (karela juice), hot pepper or lemon juice. Such non-toxic bitter, sour or spicy substances will stop you from trying to bite your nails. Just be sure not to rub your eyes by mistake. The bitter gourd juice is the safest and it works!

answered by P P

I bite my nails to keep them trimmed so they don't catch on something and break. If you bite from boredom, maybe think about your goals in life and that might inspire you and keep you more busy.

answered by M T

You start putting nail polish, or if u can go for French manicure, the best way, you will spend money and will take care of your nails and make your day plain in a way which keeps you busy read books and the best have time for exercise.

answered by S

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