What are the main functions of glomus gland?

The human body is known to have an intricate system of both ducted and ductless glands in the body. The ducted glands are also known as the exocrine glands and they are known to perform the function of secreting the chemicals through the ducts. On the other hand, human glands without ducts are known as the endocrine glands. The main function of the ductless human glands is that on receiving the required signal form the brain they tend to release certain hormones into the blood stream of the individual. The glomus coccygeum or the coccygeal gland is found either immediately below or right in front of the tip of the coccyx. The glomus coccygeum function like most other glands of the body is to release some essential chemicals or fluids that are required for the healthy functioning of the body. The coccygeal gland has an irregular oval shape and is also almost 2.5mm in diameter. In fact when closely observed the glomus coccygeum gland is known to have several smaller nodules surrounding the main mass. The glomus coccygeum gland is basically made up of irregular masses of polyhedral cells and the cells of each of these masses are grouped around a capillary vessel such as a dilated sinusoidal. Similarly the pituitary gland is also known to be one of the ductless glands in the human body which is found at the base of one's skull.

The pituitary gland is known to control one of the most important parts of one's body as it influences growth and metabolism. Another one of the glands in the body is the thyroid gland which is one of the glands in the throat that performs the primary function of regulating the body metabolism. The thyroid gland is also important as it ensures correct distribution of phosphate and calcium to different parts of the body. Adrenal glands are also one of the human glands that are found on top of one's kidneys. The adrenal glands are around two inches in length and may weigh barely a fraction of an ounce; however they are responsible for secreting almost up to three dozen of hormones. The critical function that the adrenal glands perform as compared to other human glands in the body is that they help the body to cope with stress and also perform the various metabolic activities. The adrenal glands are also responsible for the flight or fight mechanism in an individual. Another type of human glands in the throat is the parathyroid glands which are responsible for regulating body functions such as appetite, metabolism and temperature. Parathyroid glands are also responsible for controlling ones cholesterol levels, regulating the levels of calcium in ones blood, absorption of food by the intestines as well as lipolysis.

Salivary glands are yet another one of the human glands in the neck that tend to secrete saliva along with enzymes, mucus and electrolytes. Salivary glands are a very essential part of glands in the throat as they help in lubricating the esophagus and the oral cavity which in turn aids the swallowing of food. The saliva secreted by the salivary glands also helps the individual in maintaining oral hygiene as they flush away any possible debris that may have left behind in ones mouth after a meal or a snack. Tonsils are the other important glands among the various glands in the body. Tonsils help in protecting the body against antibodies, virus, bacteria and so on and thus form an important part of one's immune system. Many a times the glands in the throat may get affected on account of an infection resulting in symptoms such as a sore throat, dry throat, enlarged throat glands and so on.

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Glomus gland -

Glomus is a type of exocrine gland that secret through ductules. This is a gland placed just in front or beneath the coccyx tip, it is about 2.5mm in diameter in oval shape. It is variedly described as Ganglion or luschka's gland, coccygeal gland or glomus coccygeum.

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