Treatment for enlarged thyroid gland

Enlarged thyroid gland is a symptom of a disease known as goiter. This disease is caused due to over production of thyroid hormones in the thyroid gland. An enlarged thyroid gland will definitely shrink back to the normal size gland after you have treated the underlying disease. Follow some good remedies to inhibit the excess production of thyroid hormones and regulate the functions of thyroid gland. This will slow down the harmful effect of thyroid hormones and your gland will shrink back to the normal size.

Read on some of the effective remedies for curing the disease:

  • Take organic iodine in the form of natural food sources such as turnips, garlic, lettuce, carrots, oats, citrus fruits, seas foods, pineapples, whole rice, onions, egg yolks, water cress, tomatoes,, guava and strawberries. These foods help in slowing down the production of thyroid hormones.
  • Apply watercress over the enlarged gland.
  • Extract some juice from the swamp cabbage and mix it along with tea almonds. This mixture is good for curing thyroid enlargement.
  • Dandelion leaves are also beneficial for regaining the normal size thyroid gland. Smear the leaves of this herbal plant, warm them and apply over the swollen area. Cover the area with a clean piece of cloth or bandage.
  • Flex seeds paste when applied on the swollen area can also help in curing the enlargement of thyroid gland.

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