I have swollen glands near the neck. I got the needle test done and found out it is just swollen lymph nodes. Can you please offer any home remedies to reduce the swelling of these glands?

The presence of swollen lymph nodes in your neck is symptomatic of swollen tonsils. You must bear in mind that since swellings of the lymph nodes does not occur unexpectedly- except in cases where there is a prior history of the disorder, it is important to diagnose the exact reasons. Under normal circumstances, the swelling is probably caused by an infection that you may be afflicted with.

There is often a possibility that the swelling in the lymph nodes could be due to water retention. This is a condition which occurs when the fluids in the body concentrate in the tissues and lead to noticeably distinctive swelling. Normally, the body's circulatory system is responsible for moving the excessive fluids back into the body. There are times when this process does not occur as it should. Studies reveal that there are several reasons why this anomaly takes place, including the performance of histamine in the body. Typically, the body's lymph nodes behave like an over flow reservoir for the fluids in our body. Due to the abnormalities in the body, related to water retention, the lymph nodes tend to get inflamed.

Go in for a complete physical examination to ensure that there are no underlying causes. It would be advisable to follow the medical advice of your doctor. Opt for herbs and natural therapies with anti inflammatory properties as secondary treatment along with the prescribed medications that the doctor would recommend.

In home remedies, the humble ginger is considered to be highly effective owing to its naturally occurring anti inflammatory properties. It is most effective when consumed directly after slicing. Clean and slice a small piece of ginger and place it at the back of the mouth. However for those who find it too pungent to consume directly, you can use it as an additive to tea and drink it.

It has been found that a slight degree of dehydration is also beneficial in treating this condition. However, do bear in mind that this does not imply a compulsory reduction of water consumption; rather it is far more sensible or advisable to bring down a drastic reduction in salt consumption. The reduction in salt consumption will lower your body's requirement for excess water which will even out the salt levels. Another effective solution is to drink a couple of cups of strong black coffee. Coffee is an efficient diuretic and will help in the reduction of excessive water in the body. However, the use of caffeinated beverages can have its downfalls, and hence it is important to consult with your doctor on the use of caffeine as a diuretic. If the swelling still persists, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a medical expert as it is possible that there may be a far more serious problem. An endocrinologist could help diagnose if your hormone levels are evenly balanced. The doctor may also prescribe medication to provide immediate relief from the swellings and inflammation.

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prepare a concoction of cinnamon and basil leaves, sip the hot concoction like a tea for ten days

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I have a 3 year old son that has this all the time specially when he is ill my pedtrican told me to givehim a hot glass of tea and honey and also apply a warm compress to the area. and if possible to massage the area a few times a day. hope it helps,

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There are two main reasons why your lymph glands may be swollen -your body is responding naturally to a stressor, and/or your body is unable to eliminate properly. Rule out the fact you do not have chronic sinusitus, tonsilitis, dental infection, or other immune stimulating conditions. If you have any of these conditions, the proper treatments would be immune supportive therapies. To help eliminination, you may use contrast hydrotherapy (3 min. hot/3 min. cold x3) around your neck area to improve circulation. You may also perform some simple massage and head/neck movements.

answered by Dr K B N

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