Is there something we could do for sleep disorders? He is 44 and has trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. He worries excessively on everything?

The sleep disorders you describe sounds more like a mental than a physical problem! There is, however, help at hand. If you have trouble sleeping, the first thing you must do is beef up on your exercise. If you already exercise, you must increase the duration of exercise. Make it a point to exercise in the morning, rather than the later half of the day. If you exercise in the morning, you energy levels will rise and give you more vigour throughout the day. This begins to wane by evening, so that your general tiredness catches up with you, as well as exercise-related fatigue. This will help in sleeping well and deeply. You can also start a regimen of Yoga about thrice a week. This will help you calm down considerably, and develop your patience levels. In order to feel good, it is also imperative that you eat feel-good foods. This would include vegetarian as opposed to meat-based meals and fresh as opposed to processed food. Vegetarian meals are lighter, easier to digest and therefore keep your body feeling generally good. Meat, on the other hand, is difficult to breakdown and tougher to digest. It will keep your system in a state of fatigue at most times, therefore adding to stress levels. It is also important that you go outdoors at least thrice a week. This is also a natural mood improver.

answered by M W

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