How Do I Get Rid Of My Corns That Are On My Feet And Toes?

The development of corns on an individual's foot can be quite painful as well as disabling. The corns develop as a result of the excessive pressure and friction that the feet are prone to, through the course of every single day. While they occur most often on the soles of the feet, excessive pressure applied to the top of the feet, as in the case of wearing tight shoes, the corns can develop at the top of the foot as well. The corn leads to a toughening of the layers of skin that are supposed to provide additional protection to the skin and structures below them. However, if the corns remain untreated, they can become painful as a result of the constant friction. Corns can be largely classified into two large categories. Hard corns that develop as a result of ill fitting shoes or toe distortion and most often occur on the tops and tips of the toes, or soft corns that are much rarer and are caused as a result of bone abnormalities in the toes and occur mostly as a result of wearing shoes that are too tight. As a result of their distinct yellow color, it is quite easy to identify corns on the feet. While the middle part of the corn may feel tender, it is surrounded by dead skin cells which are easy to get rid of with the help of a pumice stone. Following a regime of proper foot care will reduce the likelihood of corns having an opportunity to develop on your feet. Making sure that you wear shoes that fit properly and that your toes have enough space inside the shoes will go a long way in the prevention of corns on your feet.

Some of the home remedies that you could try to help get rid of the corns include soaking a small piece of cloth in vinegar and bind it to the toe and leave it for a day and night. The corn will generally come out after the suggested duration. You could also try soaking your foot in some warm water for about 15 minutes and applying a small piece of lemon peel or a skin of ripe banana to the corn and tape it overnight. The corn should come off on its own in a matter of days. You can help to slough off the dead skin, by scrapping at the area with a pumice stone or a file.

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Here are some home treatments for easing and removing corns

  • A fresh slice of lemon should be tied over the painful area at night and allowed to remain there the whole night
  • Half a teaspoon of raw papaya juice may be applied three times a day
  • For corns between the toes, dab on vitamin E oil and place a clean piece of cotton or a cotton ball over it. Make sure to use 100-percent cotton, not synthetic cosmetic puffs. Put on clean white cotton socks and leave them on overnight after treatment.
  • Vitamin E oil mixed with a crushed garlic clove is good for softening corns and calluses.
  • Make a compress with hot epsom salts, place on area overnight.

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