Treatment For Toe Stiffness

The medical definition for your problem is known as claw toe. The symptoms associated with claw toe seem to match your condition and therefore it is advisable to consult your doctor for further information and treatment. Some of the causes of claw toe are attributed to nerve damage caused by disease like diabetes and disorders like alcoholism. This nerve damage causes the toe to dig downwards and causes the appearance of calluses that are often painful. It is important that you seek medical help as soon as possible the disease will definitely get worse over time and then the damage caused may result in a permanent deformity of the toe. You may also have to under other medical tests as well in order to make sure that the symptoms are not caused due to neurological disorders, which also make the muscles in the foot weak and thus manifests imbalances that cause your toes to bend. Sometimes trauma to the foot and tissue inflammation also can lead to claw toe.

There the safest thing to doe is pinpoint the exact problem and the begin treatment to get rid of the deformity. If some of your toes are still flexible than you make use of splint or tape to help hold your toe in the proper position. Make sure to wear shoes that are soft and avoid shoes that are tight, have high heels. Everyday stretch your toes and joints back into the normal position.

answered by G M

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