Treatment for painful corns on toes

Castor oil weakens grubby callused corns. A dab of a drop of castor oil on the corns and kept overnight to soak in the corns, helps in softening the thick skin. During the day, the corns can be kept covered with cotton gauze or a plaster before donning footwear, to protect it from damage or rubbing against the shoes or from further thickening. Once you get home, remove the plaster and apply castor oil to the corns and let the corns soak in the oil. During other times papaya juice can also be used on the corns two to three times a day. A teaspoon of freshly grated papayas applied on to the calluses is another useful remedy to effectively eliminate the feet from corns. Fresh lemon peels or rinds with the juicier side face down towards the callus, must be placed on the corns overnight. This peel must be discarded in the morning, but the process must be repeated for at least the next ten days to observe the results.

A good warm soak also works wonders for the thick skin. In a tub of lukewarm water add some salts and soak your foot for a while. Use a gentle lotion to massage into the feet and the corn. Under no circumstances must you attempt to get rid of the corn by cutting it or slicing it away. Trying to do away with the corn by your own methods will lead to advanced infection and the heavy bleeding will be difficult to control.

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