I think I am affected with piles and have skipped my periods from past 2 months. I have only pain while passing stool and not able to sit

Also known as hemorrhoids, piles are a very common condition affecting millions of people all over the world. The condition is extremely painful and is characterized by the inflammation of a set of veins located near the rectum. The condition can be easily categorized into falling into one of two types - internal and external. In the internal version of the condition, the inflamed veins enlarge within the body, however, in the external variety of the condition - the veins will start to exit the body through the anus. As a result, external hemorrhoids can be visibly seen protruding through the anus. Before getting into the details such as the causes of piles in men, women or even during pregnancy, it helps to understand the various symptoms that the condition is accompanied by - so as to help us make an appropriate diagnosis. Apart from the pain and irritation, the condition is also likely to cause some amount of bleeding in the stools as well as a sensation of soreness just after having a bowel movement. Some of the more common causes of piles in men and women include a diet that is low in fiber content, aging, hereditary, chronic constipation, pregnancy as well as anal intercourse. One should remember that when discussing the various causes of piles during pregnancy is the fact that excessive sitting, standing, or periods of strenuous work could allow the condition to take place.

Because of the fact that the condition is such a common one, there are a number of home remedies that have been developed as well as perfected all over the world. Dry figs are considered to be some of the most effective methods and can be used by simply soaking about 4 figs in some water over the course of the night. Before soaking them, however, make it a point to rinse them under hot water thoroughly. The next morning, before drinking or consuming anything else, the patient should drink this concoction and again in the evening for the best outcome. The most effective aspect of this home remedy is the fact that it facilitates easy evacuation of feces while also keeping alimentary canal clean. Another very effective natural cure for piles is the use of sesame seeds. One can either choose to boil about twenty grams of these seeds in about 50 ml of water up until only about one third of the water remains and consume it, or grind it into a paste with the help of some water. The second option is one that is highly regarded for individuals that are suffering from bleeding piles. These patients should be served the mixture with some butter to allow for easy ingestion. When affected by bleeding piles, the black berry fruit is also known to be a very effective option and the fruit should be consumed with a pinch of salt first thing every morning over a period of about 2 or 3 months.

The causes of piles and missed period causes may be totally unrelated and it is necessary you let your doctor analyze the condition. As mentioned previously, one of the most common causes of piles during pregnancy or in both men and women is the lack of any fiber in the diet. As a result, it is important to make sure that you are consuming the right kind of diet to ensure that you protect your body from the development of this embarrassing as well as irritable condition. It is also important to ensure that you drink a lot of fluids which will, in turn, make your stool softer, thereby making bowel movements much easier and requiring less amount of straining.

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