My mother is having difficulty in passing stools, but no pain or bleeding. There seems to be flesh blocking the stool from inside. Please advise whether this is Piles, if yes what home remedy can we use?

Advice on Blocking of Stool

It is not possible to say for sure whether this is piles - I would advise you to take your mother to a doctor for an examination, as there is a possibility of some other problem. Piles or hemorrhoids basically involve swelling of the tissues and veins in the anus due to chronic, excessive straining and irritation. They usually cause pain and irritation, and even bleeding, but blocking of stools is extremely unlikely. Other similar problems are hematoma, perianal hematoma, anal abscess, anal fissures, and anal fistulas; however all these conditions involve pain, and are unlikely to actually block the stool. The absence of pain or itching is quite unusual, which is all the more reason for you to seek the diagnosis of a doctor. It will not be possible to say anything for sure without a personal examination.

Not to scare you and your mother, but one possibility is rectal cancer - a tumor that has developed in the anus could block stools. There are usually other symptoms as well, which patients often do not notice because they do not seem to be associated with passing of stools, which is again where a doctor would be able to help, by asking specific questions regarding other possible symptoms.

answered by G M

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