i am suffering from piles it does not bleed in stool it is dry so please tell me easy home remedies to get rid of it

Piles is among the few conditions that can usually be treated by using the same measures that are taken to prevent the condition from occurring at all. Preventive measures basically consist of avoiding the conditions and activities or behavior that are known to cause piles. Anything that puts too much stress on the anal tissues and veins can cause them to become inflamed and swollen.

One of the most common causes of piles is chronic constipation, as this usually results in straining when passing stools. Chronic diarrhea can also cause piles, partly due to straining and partly due to the irritation caused to the anus and rectum. In the case of diarrhea, you should try to find out what food in your diet disagrees with you and causes diarrhea, and avoid consuming this food. In general, a diet that has plenty of fruits and vegetables, and adequate amounts of fiber in particular, helps the digestive system function smoothly and prevents constipation. Obesity and hypertension can also contribute to the development of piles, so you have either condition, you should try to address it. The diet just mentioned will help with this, and in addition, some amount of daily exercise will also help. Exercise will also help by improving muscle tone and blood circulation.

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