How do I whiten my teeth using natural remedies?

The teeth perform the important function of chewing food which aids the process of digestion. The teeth are made up of hard tissue material. It is important to understand the anatomy of each tooth. The teeth sit in the gums of the body which are mounted on top of the upper and lower jaw bone. The root of each tooth is supplied with blood and nerve endings. The teeth themselves develop in the middle of childhood. Prior to this, the teeth in the mouth of the child are known as milk teeth which fall off as they grow up to be replaced by permanent teeth.

The natural appearance of the teeth is white in color. However, over a period of time, various habits lead to the discoloration of the teeth. The regular consumption of tea is a good example of a habit that causes the teeth to lose their color. Smoking and a general lack of oral hygiene are also responsible for this. The consumption of drinks such as tea, coffee, colas and red wine can also be blamed for dark stains appearing on the teeth. It should be noted that this tends to happen over a period of time and affects only regular drinkers.

Before one discusses home remedies for white teeth, it is important to ensure that the correct steps are being taken to ensure that the individual has good oral hygiene. After every meal, it is important to wash the mouth. This should also be done after consuming drinks like tea, coffee or red wine. Rinsing of the mouth will remove any coating on the teeth and also any lodged material. This is the best kind of preventive treatment for oral health. An individual should also brush at least twice a day to ensure that the germs in the mouth are reduced. This will reduce the chances of tooth decay over the long term. Regular brushing of the teeth will help to remove germs and dirt. However, it may not help to clean the teeth to their original white shine. Therefore, one needs some home remedies for white teeth.

Home remedies for white teeth are the best way to whiten teeth. Natural ways to whiten the teeth are always better as they can be done by any individual at home. It also gives some additional use to otherwise wasted products at home. One useful product that can be used as a natural way to whiten teeth is the inside of an orange peel. This can be used after the orange has been consumed. The inside of the peel is abrasive and can be rubbed on the teeth to polish the layer of dirt off them.

Tree twigs have been used in ancient Asian cultures as a method of dental care before the invention of toothbrushes and toothpastes. This is one of the best natural ways to whiten teeth. These twigs are chewed on for long periods of time to ensure that all the teeth in the mouth rub against the fiber of the twig. This abrasion helps to clean the teeth and also helps to dislodge food material that may be stuck in the gaps between the teeth.

Another useful remedy to whiten teeth is the use of strawberries. This fruit can be used in the same way as the orange peel by rubbing its surface on the teeth. This helps to whiten the teeth.One may notice that the use of bleaching agents has not been mentioned under the home remedies for white teeth. This is because bleaching agents can, if used too often, damage the surface of the teeth.

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