Discoloration Of Teeth In Children: The Color Of Teeth Of My 3 Year Old Son Has Become Little Grey And The Front Teeth Have Light Brown Lines. Suggest Some Home Remedies For This?

Discolored teeth look bad in people of any age. In addition, they can cause a serious blow to the self esteem and confidence. For adults there are a variety of cures and preventive steps that can be recommended to get rid of the discoloration of teeth. But when children have teeth that are stained it is indeed a pity. A child's smile is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and to see a smile framing grey or brown teeth is not a pretty sight.

Discoloration of teeth among children is a fairly common problem. It is difficult to monitor the dental hygiene followed by children and usually it is this that causes discoloration. Ideally a child should brush his teeth twice a day. It is absolutely essential that a child brushes his teeth at bedtime since he has been eating all day. As a result food particles are stuck in their teeth. It is these food particles which rot and cause problems. You should ensure that your child takes a drink of water after each meal, holds in his mouth for a minute and then spit it out. This method will help remove all the particles of food lodged between his teeth, ensuring that they are completely flushed out of the mouth. This is a good substitute for constantly expecting the child to brush his teeth. However, for this to be really effective you should monitor the child's activities and make sure that he rinses out his mouth after every meal that he eats.

In the case of some children the yellowed and stained teeth are nothing to do with the food he eats. It could be as a result of the water that he drinks! Water contains fluoride which is essential for humans. However, too much of fluoride is not a good thing. And when children are exposed to water that contains a high content of fluoride, over a period of time the fluoride works on their teeth and turns them brown or grey.

You can try some simple home remedies on your child's discolored teeth and hope that they work. The peel of an orange makes an effective whitener. You will have to use the inside part of the peel on the teeth, rubbing gently. You can also take a bunch of strawberries wash them and then run them through the mixer to ensure that they are pulped. This pulp, when applied on stained teeth and left on for some time, can help lighten the color of teeth.

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