Avoiding Toothaches with Regular Dental Checkups

by Sam Malone

There are many people that simply dread visiting the dentist, even when there is nothing wrong. However, it is very important that you see your dentist on a regular basis. Doing so can prevent a lot of problems in the future and can give you the gleaming, pretty smile that you deserve.

It is recommended that you visit your dentist twice a year, or every six months. Some people go longer, but this will lead to plaque and tartar build up that will make more rigorous cleanings necessary. When you go every six months, your dentist will check for several things:

First of all, your dentist will make sure that your teeth are cleaned. During a typical cleaning, the dental hygienist will polish the teeth and scrape off any build up. A thorough flossing is usually in order, as well. About once a year, your dentist will recommend x-rays of your teeth. These are important and you should always make sure that these are done on a regular basis. X-rays can detect everything from small cracks in the surface of the teeth, to gum disease to cavities.

A typical cleaning should take between 30 minutes to one hour depending on what is being completed. Most of the time, you may feel slight discomfort if you have sensitive teeth or gums, however, most people do not need sedation during this process. If you are very sensitive or very afraid of seeing the dentist, sedation may be recommended. Many dentist specialize in this process.

As you can see, your dentist is key in insuring that you take proper care of your teeth. While you may feel tempted to skip a cleaning or put it off for a long time, it is in your best interest to see the dentist as scheduled.

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