Alternative Treatment for heel pain: How to cure the pain in my heel?

Heel Pain Natural Cures

Heel pain can be caused by a number of different things. Some of these things include: weight, inability to handle sugar, a lack of minerals, poor posture, and the wrong kind of shoes. The most common are inability to handle sugar or diabetic tendencies and a lack of minerals.

Fortunately, the cure for both is related. By simply taking a high powered mineral supplement that includes the proper magnesium and calcium ratios, you can relieve most heel pain and prevent it from happening again.

To deal with the other causes, if you are over weight, this could be causing heel pain simply because there is too much weight being put on a small area. By losing some weight, this could also solve your problem. Be sure to lose weight at a healthy pace, not too quickly.

The other two causes are also related because the wrong kind of shoes can lead to poor posture. However, poor posture alone can cause heel problems so should be fully investigated. A remote possibility would also be gout. This is something you would need to see a specialist about, but there are many natural solutions to gout. As with everything, be sure you drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol as much as possible.

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