What are heel spurs? How to treat them

Heel spurs are generally a result of long term foot pain. A disease called plantar fasciitis can also lead to the formation of heel spurs, but the connection between the two is not generally understood. In any case, it does not apply to getting a treatment in place for a heel spur. This is because there is an equal number of people who suffer from heel spurs and are not troubled with the problem of plantar fasciitis. The commonest solution for the problem of a heel spur is a week of complete rest of the foot. You would probably have to be on bed rest, since this would indicate no walking or running around either. Since the problem of heel spurs tends to affect the foot, it will automatically restrict your movements too. If you must walk, make it a point to wear thick cloth shoes with a support insole if possible. Your instep causes the maximum amount of pressure on the foot and will have to be properly treated if you are to fully recover. Depending upon your foot size, you can buy appropriate inserts for all your shoes as well. This will help to distribute your weight all over the foot, rather than put it only on the heel, where it will cause the maximum damage.

The other thing you can use very effectively for a heel spur is a regular massage. This will help you, particularly if rendered with linseed oil. Linseed oil is particularly well known to help in getting rid of the particularly painful symptoms of heel spurs. Another excellent measure to rid your self of the problem is to use silicone gel. This will particularly help to fight the pain. If you cannot find this product, you can also use aloe vera gel for the same purpose. Aloe also has soothing and healing properties that will always help with any ailment or illness. For immediate relief, you can apply an ice pack to your heel and ankle. This will give great relief from pain as well as any accompanying inflammation. A thick paste made with pure lime powder, turmeric powder and clarified butter will also help with healing your heel spur. This can be applied and wrapped with a cloth and left on to work on your foot all night. But remember to skip the lime powder if you are going to be leaving it on all night as it may harm your skin.

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