August 17, 2010

Pain in Back, Hip, Foot, Ankle Due to Running

Posted in Category : Exercise

Doing the right kind of exercises is the key to staying in shape. Following a running weight loss program is not only the easiest, but also the most popular way to stay fit. Running helps make the lungs strong. It also helps elevate the mood and wipes out stress. It also plays a big role in preventing osteoporosis by making the bones stronger and increasing their density. The bottom line is that running has a number of wellness and health benefits. The tip for today is to stop overstressing about what kind of exercise will suit you best. Simply take out a little time each day and go out running.

Now that you have decided to go running, here are some things you need to be aware of. If done improperly, running is one of the easiest ways to get an injury. Running injuries that affect the ankles, hips, feet, and knees are fairly common. Running and back pain is also quite common. You could sometimes end up putting stress on your lower back by constantly pounding your feet on a hard pavement. Running and hip pain arising out of it is quiet common if you do not get a proper warm –up done prior to running. The major cause of running and back pain is muscular strain. It is best to see your doctor and check for any complications if you suffer from back pain.

Running and ankle pain are quite common as well. Pain in the ankle is something that all runners experience at some time or the other. It is important that you identify the problem early on and treat it accordingly if you are looking for early recovery from ankle ligament injuries. Running and foot pain go hand in glove as well. Runners often complain of heel pain and arch pain. Heel pain is due to the inflammation of the thick ligament at the base of the foot being. Some runners also complain of soreness under their big toe. This could be because the sesamoids, or small bones located under your big toe’s ball, are sore. Another common cause of foot pain is a strained arch. This causes the area under the arch of the foot to be inflamed and one also experiences a burning sensation.

You may sometimes experience pain while running. This is because your feet hit the ground about 800 times for every mile you run. It is therefore important to take the right precautions while running. The most experienced of runners might, however, still end up with some running injuries, mainly because the sport is such. Wearing proper footwear, cross training, and stretching properly will go a long way in decreasing your chances of getting any serious injury.