I was size 6 and now I am size 8, after 2 kids. How do I get back to my normal weight?

Weight loss should always be done with the help of diet and exercise. Remember the following tips to lose weight -

  • Eat small meals at frequent intervals. Avoiding both starving and binging.
  • Never skip your breakfast. Breakfast is considered a brain food and will help keep you going for the whole day.
  • Consume at least 8-9 servings of fruits and vegetables including 1 green leafy vegetable daily. Don't club fruits with your meals. Eat them with at least 2 hours gap between meals.
  • Avoid simple sugars and processed carbohydrates. Choose whole cereals or whole wheat products and avoid white flour and its products as far as possible.
  • Remember 'fat free' or 'sugar free' products do not mean calorie free. Make sure to read the food labels before any food item you consume.
  • Avoid deep fried, oily or fried foods as far as possible. Include good proteins in the form of pulses, sprouts, milk, eggs, fish, and lean meats or de skinned chicken.
  • The most important nutrient that is always forgotten is water. Drink sufficient water daily to keep yourself well hydrated. Physical activity or exercise is a very important criterion to remain fit. Always remember diet and exercise works hand in hand, both are helpless without each other. Just a simple brisk walk for 40-45 minutes will help.

answered by S P

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