Are there any natural cures for West Nile?

The West Nile fever is caused by a virus and this means that there are no drugs to treat this problem. Unfortunately, despite the advances in antimicrobial medicines, there are no medicines that can definitively deal with virus. Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, fungi with antifungal treatments but there are no antiviral treatments that can directly attack and kill viruses. Most of the antiviral drugs that are available today work by disrupting one of the reproductive phases of a virus or by stopping the virus from breaking free of an infected cell. Fundamentally, the only power that can destroy a virus is the body's immune system itself. When an invading pathogen comes into the body, the body's immune system could either respond to it immediately or after the organism proliferates. The reason for this difference is in antibodies or antigens. Antigens freely roam the body and contain receptors that can bind to other receptors, like those on bacteria, viruses, fungi, or even cancerous cells. The number of receptors on the antigens depends on how many infections that one would have had in a lifetime. If there is a positive match between a microbe and the receptor, the antigen then signals the white blood cells to move in and destroy the invading cells -usually without any symptoms to the body at all. When there is no positive match, the invading organism will have the freedom to proliferate and destroy cells. Eventually, the body recognizes the attack and finally mounts the counter offensive on recognizing the invading pathogen.

Fever, inflammation, and other symptoms may then follow before recovery. With the West Nile virus, the same mechanism happens and the entire disease has to run its course. Curiously, if you are a healthy individual who is not immune compromised because of corticosteroids, immune-suppressants, diabetes, hypertension, or any disease that can compromise the immune system. In fact immune-compromised patients, the virus can also cause an inflammation of brain in a disease called encephalitis. The best way to deal with this disease is to consult a doctor as viruses with the potential for a lot of damage require medical attention. Your doctor would prescribe medicines to treat the symptoms like fever, rash, and inflammation with analgesics and antipyretics. You can bolster this by consuming more ginger, basil, garlic, and turmeric, as all these are anti-inflammatory agents and you can have as much as you want since natural remedies have no toxic dosages.

answered by M W

  1. Firstly precaution wise avoid flees,mosquitoes around you by use of nets or repellents
  2. Once symptoms develop start eating apples grown in your town or area avoid foreign imported once.
  3. Take 1/4 kg onions and make a juice out of it with honey,Onions should be native or closest to this area where you are infected.
  4. Take care of meningitis,beware of convulsions.Homeopathic remedies like gelsemium,merc sol,belladonna,ars iod may be of great help depending variedly on individualistic symptoms and virulence of infection with West nile virus.

answered by D M K

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