I have Heptatitis-B virus. I am not a patient of jaundice but carrier of Hepatitis B. Is there anything to remove this virus from my body? I have goiter, can I treat it without surgery?

Most people suffer from Hepatitis and with treatment and a regulated diet, manage to get over it. Hepatitis B can spread through shared needles and can be passed on from the mother to a child in her womb. If your job involves handling blood you are likely to get infected. You should ensure that you don't share your toiletries with anyone in the family since you can pass on the virus through shared toothbrush and blades.

You can try to get the virus out of your system by following certain precaution. You should ensure that your level of activity is appropriate to your physical ability. Avoid doing too much exercise. Relax as far as possible. Watch your dietary restrictions and avoid eating rich food that will not digest easily. Eat light food and consult your doctor regularly regarding your diet.

You can treat your goiter by including iodine in your diet. You can do this by eating food that is high in iodine content. Turnips, carrot, pineapple, rice, tomato, guavas, lettuce, onions, garlic, the yolk of eggs are some of the items that should feature in your regular diet. You can also apply a paste made of watercress over the affected area. You can also heat dandelion leaves and then tie them over your goiter. These can be left tied for up to two weeks.

answered by M W

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