My son has been suffering with a stomach virus; he has been throwing up for a week and unable to keep much of anything down. What might give him some relief?

Nausea, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort are common symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders. Gastroenteritis is a stomach flu or disorder caused due to inflammation of the stomach and both small and large intestine. This type of disorder is mainly caused due to consumption of contaminated water or foods. Contact with a person suffering from gastroenteritis can also cause this disease because it is contagious in nature. An infected person handling the food can also lead to the spread of such a virus. It is important to get medical help incase symptoms do not subside with home remedies. Home remedies are best suitable to treat mild to moderate conditions while severe abdominal discomfort or vomiting accompanied by fever requires immediate medical attention.

Dehydration is the common fallout in case of vomiting or diarrhea. Avoid dehydration and consequent weakness by consuming plenty of liquids such as juice, soups and herbal teas. Drinking water with salt and sugar is also an ideal way to stay hydrated. Drinking lemon juice is also known to help reduce symptoms. Have several glasses a day as lime juice is rich in Vitamin C and also has anti-microbial properties. Mint is an effective herb to treat stomach disorders. Add mint to herbal teas or chew on fresh mint leaves to relieve discomfort and vomiting. Certain herbs such as chamomile, fennel and pepper mint are known to ease vomiting symptoms effectively. Combine all these herbs to concoct an herbal tea that can be had as many times a day until condition improves. Other favorable herbal remedies include decoctions made of ginger, aniseed and cumin. Crushed seeds of cumin and aniseed with shredded ginger are steeped in boiling water to make an effective herbal tea to treat stomach disorders. Cranberry juice and grape seed extracts are also know to help with stomach disorders.

It is important to monitor the diet pattern to help recuperate faster. It is advisable to refrain from consuming oily, fried, spicy and processed or junk foods. Carbonated beverages, candies, sugars, sweets should also be avoided. Avoiding tea, coffee and milk is also advisable until symptoms subside. Follow a juice diet comprising of fresh fruit or vegetable juices until the stomach accepts solid foods. Soups, broth and herbal teas are also ideal ways to replenish nutritional requirements. Increase intake of fiber foods, fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Have rice or whole wheat bread accompanied by steamed vegetables. Make sure that you have adequate rest until your condition improves.

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Home Remedies for Stomach Virus

Many health problems occur in the stomach as a result of viral infection. If your son is suffering from stomach virus, you can try some of the following home remedies for him:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most effective cures for stomach virus. Drinking apple cider vinegar in combination with apple juice can be easier to consume. This also helps in treating nausea and variety of health conditions.
  • Traditionally people used to drink soda, sprite or ginger ale for alleviating stomach pain. Sprite and soda contain high amounts of sugar that helps in killing stomach virus. Studies have revealed that even Pepsi is a powerful cure for stomach virus. Drinking warm Pepsi can help in considerably reducing your intensity of stomach pain and help relive nausea. You can even add drops of lemon to Pepsi and drink the mixture to kill virus residing in your stomach.
  • Cranberry Juice is another great way of getting rid of stomach viruses. Acidity produced by drinking cranberry juice helps in relieving nausea and killing stomach virus. This remedy may not work effectively if combined with other cocktails or juices.
  • Peaches are also good for curing stomach virus. Like sprite and Pepsi, peaches also have good amount of sugars that hampers the activity of stomach virus and helps to alleviate stomach pain.

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