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Cystitis is basically an infection of the urinary bladder where the bladder gets inflamed. Though both women and men can suffer from this condition, women are more susceptible to it.

What causes cystitis? Cystitis is generally of several types and all have different symptoms. The most common kind of cystitis that occurs in women is traumatic cystitis. This condition is caused due to the bruising of the bladder during intercourse. Bacterial cystitis is another common form of cystitis that occurs in women. This condition is caused by bacteria that are transmitted from the bowels to the vagina. Cystitis, a common condition, usually occurs in women in the age group of twenty to fifty. Sexual activity is considered the most common cause of the inflammation of the bladder. Anal intercourse can increase your chances of contracting this disease. The risk of developing cystitis usually grows with age. Therefore, older women need to be careful about their sexual practices lest they develop this condition too. Still, more than seventy five percent of the cases of cystitis occur due to the bacteria called Escherichia coli. These bacteria are usually present in the lower gastrointestinal tract and are transmitted through the rectum. Sexual intercourse may also increase the chances of infection through the urethra.

What are the symptoms of Cystitis? The usual symptoms of this condition are heavy pressure in the lower pelvis, pain while passing urine, frequent urge to urinate at night, cloudy color of the urine, and foul smell of urine. In cystitis, there is always a looming danger of the infection spreading to the kidneys. If this happens, the condition becomes really complicated. If you happen to have diabetes, then immediate treatment is required otherwise it can be really dangerous and the kidneys might stop functioning.

Though most people keep on going to work and leading their normal lives, you can take off work if you find the condition to be too painful. The doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics to control the infection and help get rid of the inflammation. It is advised that you abstain from sexual intercourse and vaginal penetration till the condition is completely cured. If you have a urinary tract infection that is chronic or recurrent, the antibiotic dose continues for long. When the acute symptoms subside, the dosage is generally lowered. It has also been noticed that changing the pH balance of the urine can help relieve the pain associated with cystitis.

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An ailment which usually affects more women than men, Cystitis is actually a condition characterized by the inflammation of the urinary bladder. In cystitis, the patient feels a frequent urge to urinate and when they do pass urine, they feel a burning sensation which makes urination quite a painful process.

Along with the irritation while passing urine, you may also feel pain in the lower abdomen and the pelvic region. The urine's color changes and it contains pus, giving out a foul odor.

When cystitis is acute, you could feel high fever and a sharp pain in the lower back. In this condition, you could go to work, but you would feel extremely uncomfortable and weak. A prolonged case of cystitis could be damaging to your kidneys and the general functioning of the urinary system.

The causes of cystitis are many, constipation being one of them. If you suffer from stones in the kidney or bladder, they may cause inflammation in the bladder. An enlarged prostrate gland could also be the cause. There are however, home remedies that can treat cystitis and prevent a recurrence.

One of the most potent cures for cystitis is cucumber juice. Cucumber juice is a diuretic and is very effective against cystitis. Take a small cup of cucumber juice mixed with fresh juice of a lime and a small teaspoon of honey thrice a day. You can also try taking spinach juice mixed with coconut water two times a day.

Vitamin C, a great cure for many of the body's ailments, is good for cystitis too. Add lemon juice to boiling water and allowed it to cool. This will help stop the bleeding and reduce the inflammation to provide ease in passing urine.

If your cystitis is acute, it is advised that you exercise a little control over your diet. It is essential to be conscious of what you eat because whatever you consume has to pass through your urinary system. As soon as you feel burning sensations that are accompanied with fever, stop eating solid foods. Remain on a liquid diet consuming mostly normal water or coconut water. Continue with this for about three to four days.

If you do not have fever, you can also take freshly squeezed juice of raw vegetables—especially carrot. Carrot juice is extremely effective but should be consumed only after diluting it 50% with water.

When your pain and fever ease, you should gradually move back to a solid diet, taking first an all-fruit diet and then slowly adding to it vegetables and grains. However, for some time after your condition is cured, try to avoid refined carbohydrates and even salt if possible.

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Some people take a few months to improve. In some others, it may take a few years for symptoms to subside (although rarely getting any worse). A few develop long-term complications as the bladder becomes ulcerated, small and stiff. Hence, taking leave from work or not would depend on your leave days at hand and how severe is your problem. But all said and done, it is best to take care of your health for an early recovery.

Remember that fluids flush out bacteria, hence you will benefit from drinking lots of fluid which flush out your urinary tract.

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